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Best Lash Extensions -- Vogue Magazine!

Click HERE to read more.

Vogue Magazine 2015

Flutter Lash Studio -- Featured in Chicago Magazine!

We were in the August 2013 issue, page 165

Chicago Magazine August 2013

We are happy to announce that we have been nominated for Best of Citysearch!

We were recommended as one of the BEST hair-removal studios in Chicago. We are very excited about our nomination, but we need YOUR vote to WIN!

Best of Citysearch 2013 Flutter Lash Studio

Flutter Lash Studio is honored with BEST of Lash Extensions from REFINERY 29!

Chicago Beauty Black Book: Your Guide To Getting Gorgeous. Read more here.

Best if Chicago Eyebrows

Ignacia Garcia ~ Voted as Chicago's Best Eyebrow Waxer!!

Ignacia is featured in Chicago Magazine's "Best of Chicago 2012" as the city's best eyebrow waxer. Read more here.

Best if Chicago Eyebrows

BLINK PINK to Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

**Ask your Xtreme Lashes stylist for details**

Blink Pink
Blink Pink at Flutter

Flutter Lash Studio - Ranked in The Best Eyelash Extensions Boutiques by Beauty & Style - June 20, 2011

Flutter Lash Studio is located in Chicago, IL. Enter their relaxing spa like boutique and get ready to butterfly-kiss those weak lashed good-bye and welcome the full, lush eyelashes this studio is sure to provide. They are famous for their Flutter and Flirtatious Girl looks, which are pricier options but give you endless drama. If going for all out glam is not your taste, they offer some subtler options that will save you some cash as well. If you are simply looking for a darker lash, try their dipping services; perfect for a blonde who does not want to worry about constant mascara application. (read more...)

Beauty and Style

The Gift Insider - Lindsey Roberts shines in front of the camera with Xtreme Lashes from Flutter Lash Studio

Lindsay Roberts Started The Gift Insider because she absolutely loves shopping for the most unique and creative products in the world.

Check out her great gift ideas and see her shine in front of the camera with her lash extensions from Flutter lash studio!

Watch Segment 1 ›

Watch Segment 2 ›

Gift Insider

Miss A - April 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian is known for her dramatic, dark eyelashes that give her a glam look 24/7. Many celebs have been wearing lash extensions to help play up their eyes for years. With salons specializing in eyelashes popping up around the nation, you will be batting your flirtatious lashes in no time. (read more...)

Miss A

Popsugar - Buff and Brush: Top 3 Picks For Spa Week

It has been said that the eyes are the window to your soul, so you better make sure those peepers aren't framed by wiry old man brows. Flutter Lash Studio (1627 N. Clybourn Ave., 312-265-1563) in Lincoln Park is known for providing killer eyelash extensions, but they really handle all things eyes (read more...)

Popsugar Spa Week!

Get Lash-tastic During Spa Week
April 11-17, 2011

$50 Treatments Include:

  • Eyebrow Shaping Including Lash & Brow Tint
  • Lash Perm
  • “Cat Eye” Lash Extensions

**Contact Flutter for more info!**

Visit the Spa Week Blog Now ›

Spa Week!

BLOOMSPOT ~ Special Offer! ~ March 31- April 1, 2011

**$20 for $40 of services; $135 for “The Tease” lash set ($270 value); $225 for signature “Flutter” lash set ($500 value)**

After a visit with the talented stylists at Flutter Lash Studio, forget the woes of clumpy mascara. Heralded by Lucky Magazine as a top Chicago lash studio, this specialty boutique boasts a team of Xtreme Lashes® certified stylists, offering clients a superior extension service. Throughout your appointment, priority is placed on your comfort and ease, as the adept hands of your stylist delicately adhere lash extensions to your natural eyelashes, adding alluring fullness and length. Click Here to Learn More Now

Chicago Fresh Guide Deals
Fresh Guide Lashes
Bloomspot Flutter

Sassy Moms GO RED for the American Heart Association - February 2011

**Eyebrow Bar featured by Flutter Lash Studio!**

Purchase by Feb 22, 2011 and get 50% OFF your ticket price (coupon code FLSVIP)

Sassy Moms Ticket
Sassy Moms Go Red

Cece and Melinda - Raymi Productions - November 2010

Cece and Melinda with Raymi Productions (Dynamic Chicago Events) share there experience with Xtreme Lashes from Flutter lash Studio:

**"Check out how amazing our lashes look and how big and bright it makes our eyes look! (also with NO makeup) We are hooked, we love them and will definitely be back for refills!"**


Cece Melinda Chicago

The Examiner - October 2010

Xtreme lashes the new wave experience to healthy and lengthy lashes:

**Flutter Lash Studio has a wide range of services that cater to the girl who wants it all, or the one who wants to glam it up for a special occasion. It is located at 1627 N. Clybourn Ave., just north of North & Clybourn Avenues in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.**


The Examiner Chicago

"97.1 FM - The Drive", December 2010

We're on the radio! Make sure to listen in!

Flutter 97.1 The Drive Chicago

CHICAGO FRESH GUIDE ~ Special Offer! ~ Nov 18-20, 2010

**Look for us November 18th! Last day is November 20th!**

Chicago's top-rated lash artists create custom Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions perfect for special occasions or just to simplify your everyday beauty routine. Click Here to Learn More Now

Chicago Fresh Guide Deals

Fresh Guide Lashes

HOT ON YELP PROMO: Nov 3-10 2010

$275 for Flutter (our signature look).

**Take advantage of this great promo!! OFFER EXPIRES Nov. 10, 2010 @ midnight, but the certificate is good for up to a year! Makes a great gift idea :)**

Hot on Yelp


Chicago Quick Guide Flutter page 54 Chicago Quick Guide Flutter 2010-2011


Place Your Bid Now! ›

**Come and experience a set of Xtreme Lashes from Flutter Lash Studio! Place your bids -- HIGHEST BIDDER WINS! (We are under 'Beauty and Skin' and also under 'Cosmetic Enhancements'.)

It makes a perfect gift for that special someone. Bids start as low as $1. We look forward to seeing you, and don't forget to FLUTTER your lashes! Good Luck!**


Have you heard us on the radio? If not, watch this video to hear our commercial and view some of our best lash photos :) Enjoy... and don't forget to flutter your lashes!

Flutter press

Beauty Salon Treatments, July 2010

We're listed - check it out!

"101.9 FM - The Mix", June 2010

We're on the radio! Make sure to listen in!

  • Monday, June 28, 2010 at: 11:54PM
  • Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at: 8:53PM
Visit us at 1627 North Clybourn Ave 60614.

Flutter 101.9 The Mix Chicago

"CHICAGO NOW" March 23, 2010

The skinny on Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting!
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is perfect for the girl on the go annnnd for the "all natural girl." I am of course the girl on the go and to make matters worse I am an actual natural blonde (gasp! yes they are out there.) What does this mean? My eyelashes and eyebrows are like white. I feel very fortunate because it allows me to play with color on my lashes and even brows when I go dark but as spring arrives we start thinking about swimming, camping and vacation. The answer for all of these activities and for the all natural girl is eyelash and eyebrow tinting! Read More!

Skinny Eyebrows Chicago

"ABOVE THE FRAY" March 22, 2010

Lizzie Barron - Above The Fray Beauty editor discovers Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Eye Pencil at Flutter Lash Studio.
We've found an eyeliner that actually stays on through thick and thin. In anticipation of the upcoming movie release The Runaways we've been channeling our inner Joan Jett and rocking heavy, smudgy eyeliner. The darker and smokier the better. But alas, we never seem to find a liner that stays put the whole night. As a result, the dreaded 'panda eye' has caught us out one too many times. Read More!

Above the Fray
**Above the Fray Magazine is excited to offer a series of monthly raffle drawings for a set of semi permanent eyelash extensions, courtesy of Flutter Lash Studio. To enter, simply sign up to receive our quarterly magazine delivered to your inbox. We will do one random drawing each month.**

"100.3 FM" - Mar 2010

We're on the radio! Make sure to listen in!
Friday, March 12, 2010 at: 8:30PM and 9:55PM.
Click Here to Listen Online!

Flutter 100.3

"101.9 FM - The Mix", Mar 2010

We're on the radio! Make sure to listen in!
Monday, March 8, 2010 at: 6:41AM, 8:23AM, 2:40PM, 9:57PM.

Flutter 101.9 The Mix Chicago


Women Not Cutting Back on Beauty Treatments
A recent poll suggests that 63 percent of women would rather cut back on restaurant dining, than eliminate their preferred beauty treatment; 47 percent of this group determined that the beauty treatment they simply could not do without is eyelash extensions. The in-house poll, was conducted by Flutter Lash Studio, a specialty salon in Lincoln Park, devoted primarily to eyelash extensions and eyebrow care.... Read More!


No Fuss Beauty - Luscious Lashes
I remember a time when I thought that the most beautiful woman on Earth was Smurfette. I am pretty sure that was the same year that my brother dared me to eat a piece of dog food (and I did) – okay so that was quite some time ago. As an adult, I have the long, blonde hair but impossibly long lashes? Maybe with a little help... Read More!

Girly Girl Chicago


We're Featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine!
PARTY PREPPING! Where the city's most seasoned partygoers get their goods. (pg 71)

Michigan Avenue August 09Flutter Featured in Michigan Avenue


chicago | lash out
while your wish for longer legs may be out of reach, obtaining longer lashes is as easy as a visit to lincoln park's new flutter lash studio. Read More!

Juli B Chicago


We're Featured in Lucky Magazine (August Issue)
We're listed in 'The Lowdown' section, under 'Beauty News'!

Lucky Magazine AugustFlutter Featured in Lucky

"ABOVE THE FRAY" July 8, 2009

She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes...
For as long as I can remember, I've loved old Hollywood portraits. The movie star personalities gaze out , eyes veiled in mystery beneath lashes that streak across moonlit cheekbones with impenetrable glamour. Kim Carnes puts it best in her song Bette Davis Eyes, “She'll abuse you and confuse you... She's got Bette Davis eyes.” Read More!

Above the Fray

"CLTV" June 5, 2009

Luscious Lashes at Flutter Lash Studio!!
View the clip!

Second City Style

"SECOND CITY STYLE" May 29, 2009

If I was stranded on a dessert island and could only have one beauty item... it no longer would be mascara! That's how I feel now that I have eyelash extensions from Flutter Lash Studio. Read More!

Second City Style


Bat Your Lashes With Confidence
Batting your eyelashes at the perfect gent across the bar is a difficult task when your sparse, blond lashes can barely be seen. Mascara leaves clumps, black smudges under your eyes and stains on your potential gent's pillow. SO not cool. You would think there would be an easier way, and it turns out there is. Read More!

"CHEEKY CHICAGO" May 27, 2009

All-A-Flutter, by kim peiffer
Batting your eyelashes at the perfect gent across the bar is a difficult task when your sparse, blond lashes can barely be seen. Mascara leaves clumps, black smudges under your eyes and stains on your potential gent’s pillow. SO not cool. You would think there would be an easier way….and it turns out there is. Read More!

Cheeky Chicago


Read the Tweet!

Read More!

Lucky Blog Chicago Lash


Lucky Near You: Chicago
We've always wanted gorgeously long, thick lashes, and now getting eyelash extensions is easier than ever (promise!). Lincoln Park's just-opened Flutter Lash Studio is the only spot in town entirely dedicated to eyelash and eyebrow beautification, and the results look so natural, yet totally glamorous. Read More!

Lucky Blog Chicago Lash